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NEDEX is able to activate zeolite powder. After activating process, molecular sieve powder is able to have a very high capacity of water absorption. Molecular sieve powder (activated zeolite powder) is used mainly in polyurethane systems in order to absorb the water inside the system.


Molecular sieve powder (also known as thermally activated synthetic zeolite powder), is the principle alternative to other powder desiccants, used in many applications as water, humidity and also some impurities’ absorber in industries such as polyurethane. Zeolite type A is developed specifically as an environmentally preferable alternative to other desiccants. Very low due points allow them to dry their neighbourhood. They can also be used in paste formulations containing humidity sensitive components, which can enter in chemical reactions under influence of humidity, or they can be effected in a negative way by humidity. Molecular sieve powder is used to prevent the formation of CO2 by removing the moisture from the polyurethane systems.



Carton box     (15 kg - in vacuum bags)


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