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NEDEX warm edge spacers have lowest Σλd- and Ψ-values. Their stability and material specifications make their processing in bending lines possible. They can even be installed in IG units, which are under extreme external loads. Metallic and nonmetallic coatings at the backside of warm edge spacers guarantee perfect tightness against water vapour and argon permeation. Surfaces which are in contact with sealants have very good adhesion to sealants. NEDEX warm edge spacers have high UV stability, scratch resistancy of surfaces and low heat expansion coefficients. They are produced in fully automatic lines with raw materials which are fogging free. It leads to reduced risk of condensation and mould formation in the edge area

NEDEX produces warm edge spacers (Nanobar) in sizes between 8 mm and 20 mm in three standard colours (white, black and windowgrey). Other colours and printing of the warm edge spacers are optional. 

In summary, Nanobar warm edge spacers can be shown as high quality new generation plastic with metallic diffusion barrier with outstanding stability, rigidity, excellent thermal characteristics, perfect form, improved energy efficiency, excellent psi values, UV resistance and optical apperance.


Some outstanding properties of Nanobar are given below:

- High performance

- High quality, new generation materials

- Has too many perforation holes

- Stabil and rigid

- Very good thermal properties

- Perfect form

- Very good psi values

- Very high UV ve fogging free

- Perfect appearance


Please send e-mail to info@nedexgroup.com in order to request Technical Data Sheet.


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