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Aluminium spacer is the first type of spacer bar types, which have been produced by NEDEX Group. In order to supply the demands of partners, aluminium spacer bars are produced in many dimensions for insulated glasses.


Aluminium spacer bars are classified as cut&key and bendable versions. Aluminium material thickness varies from 0,18 mm for lower conductivity and cost efficiency up to 0,35 mm for bendability and strength. There are different sizes of aluminium spacers with nominal width from 6 mm to 24 mm. Stardard lengths of aluminium spacer bars are 3 m, 5 m and 6 m. Other lengths are optional on request. Name, date and imprinting are available. Also, NEDEX can produce colorful spacers on demand.


The production of spacer bars is provided by the latest roll forming and high frequency induction welding equipment for continious production of high quality products. As optional, it is possible to produce pre-butylized spacers for insulated glasses. NEDEX is producing aluminium spacer bars since 2010. Currently, the production of aluminium spacer bars is taking place in Turkey and Ukraine.



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