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NEDEX produces solvent-free primary sealants PIB-996 and KU-83B based on polyisobutylene for the insulating glass industry. The formulations have been specially developed to achieve very low gas and water vapor penetration rates. The products are compatible with the most known secondary sealants. The solvents most commonly used in the formulations of secondary sealant formulations based on polyurethane and polysulfide show no signs of migrations with Nedex primary sealants. However, intensive compatibility tests according to EN1279-4:2018 should be carried out before use if PIB-996 and KU-83B are not used together with Nedex secondary sealants PS-018 and KU-83.


PIB-996 and KU-83B have very good adhesive properties on glass and metal. The effect of heat leads to a significant softening of primart sealants. Neverthless, PIB-996 and KU-83B show good stability even at temperatures around 100°C and do not flow out of their position into the space between the panes.


PIB-996 and KU-83B have also been certified according to EN1279-4:2018. Both have excellent low volatile values. They can be used without restriction in the production of insulating glass units according to EN1279:2018 with their passed tests and corresponding certificates.




Carton slug      (1,0 kg / 2,5 kg / 7,0 kg / 7,4 kg)



ISO:     ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 18001

EN:      EN 1279-2:2018 / EN 1279-3:2018 / EN 1279-4:2018

Others:  EcoVadis


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