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NEDEX was founded in 1999. The theme of the company is producing products for insulating glass manufacturers. The company’s goal is reducing energy losses by increasing the glass insulation. About 250.000.000 square meters of glass are produced a year, which contain NEDEX products. In year 2015, NEDEX group companies produced 23.800 tons of molecular sieves, 34.850 tons of polysulfide sealant, 65.000.000 meters of aluminum and warm edge spacers and 850 tons butyl and 750 tons hotmelt.

NEDEX is the only company worldwide which is producing:

  • Molecular Sieves,
  • Polysulfide Sealants,
  • Aluminium and Warm Edge Spacers
  • Butyl Sealants
  • Hotmelt Sealants


just for IG industry.


Our Mission

For the future of our world it is very important to reduce consumption of energy and to use recycled materials as much as possible. Most of the energy is used today f...

Our Vision

To increase the existing product range, quality and production capacities by keeping our responsibility to the environment.

Quality Policy

Every glass manufacturer has different demands and expectations. NEDEX can adress many masses by courtesy of its effective variety. NEDEX tries to keep its relationsh...

The inception date for Nedex Group...
Future Plans

NEDEX has still some plans about expanding its production to new facilities. Also, NEDEX will always continue its R&D and evaluate all the feedbacks of its partne...

NEDEX has production facilities around the world...

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